My Property – Design, Build, Maintain

My Property – Design, Build, Maintain

My Property – Design, Build, Maintain

Started off as a lawn cutting service in 2014. Our owner and CEO Chase McCarthy started off with just a push mower cutting lawns in his subdivision for some extra cash. After a few years of cutting lawns and doing minor landscaping maintenance work, McCarthy decided it was time to embark on a new journey in the company. He began to expand into design and construction side of the business and found his true passion. 6 years later the company has evolved into a true landscape construction company that offers 3D designs and can construct anything from a simple retaining wall to custom outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. There is nothing exterior that My Property cannot build for you!

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Chase McCarthy - Owner and CEO of My Property

Meet Chase


I started this company when I was 17, with just a push mower and mowing a few lawns as a side hustle. I realized after a few years that lawn and landscaping maintenance were not where my true passion laid. I wanted to do something more invigorating, something that would jolt me out of bed each morning because I would be so excited to get the day going. In the summer of 2014, I began learning more about the hardscaping side of the business. After a full summer of hardscaping, I knew I found my passion, the thing that would jolt me out of bed each morning. Fast forward to 2020 we are now not only maintaining landscaping; we are a full landscape construction company. We went from mowing lawns and trimming shrubs to constructing outdoor kitchens and paver patios and fireplaces. I was able to grow my business from a 4-figure business to a 6-figure business in just eight years, and last year I was able to boost our revenue by 200%. However, to me there is no better feeling then finishing a client’s backyard oasis and being able to sit back and watch their family make new memories with it.

My Property - Landscape construction company in Alberta

Our Hustle is unlike any other company out there

We are dedicated to becoming not just the best landscape construction company in Alberta, but the best landscape company in the country. Now that’s a bold statement, but let us dive into why we are on track to become the best in Canada.

Once we sit down with a client during our design consultation, we do not stop until that client is satisfied with the work we will accomplish on their property. We will change our design until they are happy, and we will continuously work with them and their budget to get everything dialed in just the way they want it. Other companies often do not spend as much time with the client before securing a financial commitment from them. For us, it is more important that the client feels they are getting 100% what they want.

We are committed to growing our company and expanding so we can reach more people and build them their dream property. Of course, that would not be possible without our clients’ belief in us. Trust is hard to gain from a client. However, once again because of our determination and hustle, we can showcase to a client that they can put their full trust in us.

Our reputation would be tarnished if we ever broke a client’s trust. You can trust us – that will never happen. You can’t be the best in the country, without being the best! Now, if you still don’t believe that we are the right company for your job, just give us a call and let us prove it!

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Our Mission

Creating cleaner, greener communities through dedicated, transparent, and reliable landscaping services.

My Property is a certified, experienced, and reliable landscape company serving clients across Grande Prairie, Clairmont, Wembley, Sexsmith, and the surrounding areas.